Take On All Terrains With The 2017 Ford Explorer

The 2017 Ford Explorer is designed to meet the demands of people with diversified interest. The vehicle is perfect for families that are in need of space and comfort. The interior has a sophisticated appeal. It is equipped with all of the latest technological features to provide comfort and convenience. There is plenty of space to store cargo and equipment. The SUV handles extremely well on the urban highways. The Ford Explorer is also capable of conquering the off-road. The four wheel drive option allows the Explorer to perform at a very high level in rugged terrain. There is ample horsepower for towing trailers and small boats. The 2017 Ford Explorer truly lives up to the name of sports utility vehicle.

Come into our showroom and have a look at the new Ford Explorer. You will be able to see this innovative piece of equipment first hand. A test drive will provide the necessary experience needed to understand what is great about the automobile.
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