Any 2017 Ford Fusion model is the way to go!

Ford is always known for the various editions of the models that they come out with each year. The same thing can be said about the 2017 Ford Fusion.

When it comes to mid-size sedan type vehicles, the 2017 Ford Fusion is one that stands tall among the competition. One feature that will stand out to new users is the dial type controller for shifting. The major difference that will be seen with the 2017 Ford Fusion models is all of the comfort that is afforded. There are tons of soft touch materials all throughout the vehicle. Acoustic side windows and windshield allow for a quieter environment inside of the cabin.

The Hybrid version of the 2017 Ford Fusion is very nice as well. The EcoBoost engine technology gives the vehicle four cylinders which can produce a solid 240 horsepower of performance. All in all, when it comes to mid-sized sedans, the 2017 Ford Fusion is certainly an excellent choice.
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