Ensuring Your Tires Don't Wear Out Early

Keeping the tires on your vehicle in tip-top shape could make or break your daily commute, vacation trip, or other adventure. Certain tasks should be done on a regular basis in order to mitigate early tire replacement, and gross amounts of corner wear.
Your tires naturally do not wear evenly on any vehicle you drive. This is due to physics, and simply the way you drive and your individual habits. Every time you make a corner, gravity will cause additional wear on that particular corner of your front tire. For this reason, it is important to understand that rotating your tires on a scheduled basis can actually eliminate much of this abnormal wear.
Tires should typically be rotated every other oil change, or just about every eight thousand miles. It is an easy rule of thumb, and if you keep a maintenance log, you can log it to remember for the next time. Our facility would love to gain your trust, so reach out to us today!
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