The Easiest Truck You Will Ever Steer

A truck this size should not be this easy to steer, but it is. The 2017 Ford Super Duty comes available with adaptive steering. Whether you are towing a 36 ft camper or just heading to the hardware store, the 2017 Ford Super Duty’s adaptive steering will make negotiating your route easier than ever.

As you steer, the adaptive steering will add, up to a 30% “boost” to your rotation. Overall, this can eliminate a full steering wheel rotation when negotiating turns. Furthermore, this “boost” can reduce driver exhaustion. Driving a truck that maneuvers like a mid-size sedan is almost unbelievable.

The 2017 Ford Super Duty comes with every bit of Ford quality as its predecessor and more. Additionally, adaptive steering gives you increased agility at low speeds. Finding parking has never been easier in a truck. “Let’s take the truck,” is likely to be a phrase you hear more often around the house.
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