Why Your New Ford Might Contain Jose Cuervo® Agave

We at John Kennedy Ford Pottstown would be the first to remind you not to drink and drive... but soon, Ford Motor Company may be building Jose Cuervo® right in to our new vehicles!

The tequila itself will be staying far away from the inventory -- rather, it's the agave byproducts left over from the tequila-making process. Jose Cuervo has been growing agave plants for over 220 years, and roasting, pressing, fermenting, and distilling them according to a family recipe handed down through the generations.

After the plants are pressed to release their sugary juice, fibrous pulp is left over. Some of that pulp goes back to the farm, to act as mulch and fertilizer for growing new plants, while some is used by artisans to make paper.

A new partnership with Ford gives the fiber a new potential use in automobiles.

"Jose Cuervo is proud to be working with Ford to further develop our agave sustainability plan," said Sonia Espinola, director of heritage for Cuervo Foundation and master tequilera. "As the world’s No. 1-selling tequila, we could never have imagined the hundreds of agave plants we were cultivating as a small family business would eventually multiply to millions. This collaboration brings two great companies together to develop innovative, earth-conscious materials."

Ford already uses eight different sustainable plant-based materials in production vehicles, including a soybean-based foam you'll find in every seat cushion in Ford vehicles manufactured in North America since 2011. Check out Ford's 2016 Sustainability Report for more on how one automaker is transforming the industry to be more eco-friendly.

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